Chibi YCH Commissions

Chibi YCH (your character here) commissions can be used anywhere for personal or livestreaming use.

Please contact us for other commercial uses (such as merch, printing, businesses, etc).

Console Chibi

Ramen Chibi


Bottled Chibi


Cloud Chibi

Kotatsu Chibis (2) + Pet

  • Animations cost extra.

  • Please provide a reference sheet/png.

  • Please provide a logo.

  • There is 1 sketch update.

  • Revisions must be paid for.


💜 The pose, colours, image and animation stays the same and only the character is changed
💜 It is up to the artist's discretion to add or remove details
💜 All animated files will be .WEBM format for use on streamlabs/obs
💜 Commissions may take from 2 - 4 weeks to complete once payment is received
💜 Refunds are not possible once payment is received
💜 Payment must be made within 48 hours of invoice (if you can not, let us know beforehand)
💜 Copyright for the art belongs to uwumedia and we may use your chibi for portfolio usage
💜 You own all personal rights to the chibi/character
💜 Complex characters (with more details) will charge an extra $30 complex fee
💜 All prices are in USD