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how it works:

UwU Media has partnership programs for any agencies or companies who are wanting to work together long term.

Companies may choose to partner with UWU MEDIA if they would like to secure availabilities or priority for their stream assets.

All partnerships will have their own terms, however these are the most common structures:

  1. The rate for companies begin from at least 2x the base rate we charge for independent content creators.

  2. A fixed amount of work or budget is needed per minimum each month.

  3. We work a month in advance for stream graphics such as schedules, overlays, logos, stingers, alerts.

  4. All information and payment must be provided prior to the month we begin the work.

  5. Stream graphics will be completed with priority and the completion day will be within the next month.

  6. Any art or complex work will have its own deadline and terms.

We're proudly partnered with:

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