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Christmas YCH Package Commissions

For a limited time, we will be accepting very limited slots for a Christmas Package in YCH style. Please scroll below for further details.

Cut-Off Date: November

What's in the package?


1x Christmas Festive Desk

1x Christmas Festive Background

Christmas YCH Package

The Christmas YCH Package is UwU Media's first ever YCH background.

We will be offering very limited spots for clients who are looking for a festive background set for their upcoming December streams.

The configurable parts of the background are:

  • The backdrop: Your choice of scenery outside the windows  (e.g moonlight pond, lit up christmas trees, city skyline, etc)

  • The snowman painting: Your choice of artwork (e.g an art piece you've commissioned, a logo, etc)

  • Christmas Presents: Your choice of colour palette and gift box pattern (e.g striped, clover pattern, pastel palettes, etc)

The configurable parts of the desk are:

  • Desk mat: The desk mat will change to reflect the same scenery as outside the window.

You may choose to order a static or animated version of the above package. The animated version will have subtle animations.

Please fill out the form below to order this limited Christmas YCH Package!

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