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Limited Availability.

Drawn and rigged by our talented artist Vel (twitter: @veldicee).


Currently we are only offering full body art + rig packages.


Our L2D models come as 1 package which includes the art. You will receive 1x rigged model and 1x PNG of the model.

Prices begin from $2000

Enquire for separate L2D model waitlist.

Model details

Our rigs are limited and will include:

🌸 Articulation of the head (X,Y,Z)

🌸 Body is X and Z (limited Y, upper body can move forward and backwards slightly)

🌸 Eyebrow (X, Y) and forms

🌸 AEIOU mouth movement

🌸 Eye Blinking

🌸 Buffers added to eyes to remove "sleepy eye"

🌸 Breathing Mechanics

🌸 Hair Physics (swaying left and right, bouncing)

🌸 Bust Physics (bouncing)

🌸 Clothes Physics (swaying, bouncing)

🌸 Accessories Physics (swaying, bouncing)

Included Expressions:

3 basic facial expressions included (non-changeable)

🌸 Happy

🌸 Sad

🌸 UwU

EXTRA Expressions:

You may purchase extra face/hand/effect expressions. Prices will depend on complexity.


If your character or expressions are regarded as complex, a complex surcharge will be included.

Please note that our artist and rigger will try complete the model to the best of their abilities.


The whole model process comes with 2 minor revisions.

You can not request a revision for a part of the commission that has been confirmed.


Stream usage is included in the price. All copyright of the artwork and rig belongs to UWU MEDIA and Vel (the artist and rigger). The rights to the design are yours.

Privacy/Secret Commissions:

We may publish process or progress of the model on our website and twitter. We will also have the completed model available for portfolio and marketing reasons. If you need your model to be kept a secret, please apply for our commissions at a later date when we offer this feature.


The art and rig will take approximately 4 - 8 weeks to complete (excluding revisions). The time will depend on the complexity of the model and the artist's personal schedule. The artist's schedule will come as first priority and updates may be sparse if we are busy.


Rush orders are currently unavailable for our live2d commissions.


Corporate clients should reach out to us separately for enquiries and will only be accepted on a case by case basis. Corporate fees start from 2x the base price we charge independent vtubers.


Please make sure you have a thorough reference sheet ready for the artist. If you do not have a reference sheet, we can create one for you for a fee. We accept reference images with descriptions or a drawn out design for us to refine.

Reference sheets include the front and back of your model. Additionals such as side view, expressions, character details, colour palettes, will cost extra.

VelL2Dreferencesheet revised 0.png
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