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custom vtuber mics

A bespoke microphone design specially crafted for your content creation adventures.


types of vtuber

Table Microphones

Table microphones are usually placed on top of a vtuber desk asset and can be on a standing form or on a boom arm form.


There are different types of microphone designs you can opt for, including ASMR or retro shaped mics.


Many vtubers ask us to model their real life mics while designing a unique asset that's inspired by their character or mascot design.

You can choose to have your table mic animated and looping (WEBM mic) or animated and voice reactive as well (VTS mic).


commission process

Custom microphones are popular for Karaoke and Just Chatting streams but can be used anywhere with your vtuber model. Our team can design and digitally paint a custom mic for you to use on your livestreams or video content.


The Design Inspiration

We primarily try to gain inspiration from your Vtuber character or lore to design your bespoke vtuber microphone. Some helpful inspirations you can provide are:

  • Your lore, a text description, moodboard or inspirational images

  • An image of your character or reference sheet

What's Included?

  • 1x design of a bespoke microphone asset.

  • 3x complimentary revisions which can be used during the sketch phase or after the colouring phase has been completed.

  • If you have complex or particular requests, please note them when commissioning us as complex assets will be charged extra.

  • Animation can be requested for an extra fee.

  • Static assets are delivered as .PNG files

  • Animated assets are delivered as .WEBM files for stream usage for OBS.

  • Live2D Voice Reactivity + animations are delivered as files usable for VTS usage.

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