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Want to upgrade your vtuber branding? We specialise in vtuber logo commissions.

Our logos come with twitch and youtube commercial licensing so they're perfect for content creators!

If you're looking for a professional logo that is custom made by a team of qualified graphic designers, we're here to help you out.

All our logos are custom catered to your concept to pop and accentuate your brand identity.

Contact us to get in touch for a high quality logo crafted by a team of professional designers.


Contact us for custom pricing.

Logos Include:

💠 3 prototypes

💠 3 revisions

💠 Up to 5 unique elements

💠 Colours of your choice

We create your logo prototype based off your reference sheet or any visual or text descriptions you provide as a reference.

Non-Vtuber, Corporate Usage Logos: Contact us​

Broadcasting (For streaming or videos) and Reproduction (For Merchandise) Usage is now included in the standard price

Looking to purchase a logo?

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