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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions that may help sort out your query!

Please also have a look at our Terms of Services page for more useful information.

Are there any pre-requirements or do I have to be famous for my commission request to be accepted by UwU Media?

UWU Media strives to accommodate for all clients, regardless of popularity or size. We only need your ideas as our requirement. Some clients prefer to give us all creative freedom and provide a simple brief, whereas some clients provide many references with detailed requirements. Unless we are unable or not confident to work on your requests or theme, you don't need to worry about not being accepted due to popularity or size! Feel free to contact us beforehand to discuss any questions, or sign up for the waitlist in the meantime and we'll be able to contact you to talk through your requirements when your turn is up.

Do your graphics and illustrations come with commercial use?

All our graphics and illustrations are intended for stream usage. Commercial broadcasting usage is built into the pricing of all our work. This means you're free to use them on twitch, youtube, and for video editing for any stream-related uses that are directly linked to your content creation brand. If you need further commercial usage (such as merchandise or reproduction and printing), please enquire with us for specific requirements. This is for independent content creators and corporate usage has different pricing.

How do I order from you? Is it a long wait?

We utilise a waitlist to give everybody the chance to work with our studio. Please sign up on our waitlist early on if you're set on working with us and we will contact you when your turn is up on our next batch of commissions. We are trying our best to minimize the wait times and generally will reach out to all potential clients within 1 - 4 weeks. Commissions can take up to 8 weeks to complete from payment. This also means that waiting times can be longer for those who are on the waiting list as we try our best not to compromise on quality and we try to deliver everything to the highest standard for all our clients.

I work for a vtuber agency/I'm a corporate vtuber and want to commission you.
How can I work with you?

We have different processes and rates for corporate vtubers and agencies. This also applies for any corporate companies (game studios, game development, small-medium-large businesses) who want to work with our team. Please reach out to us directly for more information. The prices on our website are for independent vtubers and content creators only.

How many revisions can I ask for?

This varies upon the service you commission us for. Usually the limitation is between 1 - 3 revisions but will depend on the types of revisions you request and whether you've been a previous client, the item you've ordered, and how possible the requests are for our team to cater to. We may also offer additional revisions with a further fee if required.

Can I ask for a revision after I've approved or when the commission is finished?

We don't allow for revisions after the previous process has been approved. We can not revise if we've already begun the next part of the progress. If you want to request a change for anything after the commission is finished, please reach out to us and we can provide a quote and pricing for the changes, should we still have your files on hand. Many of our clients come back for a logo change or image swap when they debut a new outfit or concept!

Why are your logos/backgrounds/etc so expensive? Give me a discount.
I can get it from someone else or fiver for much cheaper.

We understand that there are many talented artists and creatives out there who provide much more competitive rates than our studio but please refrain from comparing our rates to others. Unfortunately, we can not discount our services or match their rates. We strive to provide a professional service with timely updates. Our prices factor in our legal fees, accounting fees, administration fees, customer service fees, marketing fees, quality checking team fees, project management fees and a livable rate for our staff to work doing what they love full time. We also can not discount the fees we pay as a corporation and the taxes we pay in Australia. We recruit only the most talented and professional creatives from all parts of the Globe, and we must factor in paying our staff a premium wage while accounting for the currency conversions as well.

Does UwU Media provide coding services?

Although we'd love to provide our clients with custom coding services, we are not able to in the meantime. Our studio has decided to concentrate on graphic design and illustration services as that is our forte. We have several experienced coding professionals that we've worked with and can provide you with recommendations if you're a client of our studio.

Do you offer split payment or payment plans?

Unfortunately we do not offer payment plans or split payments. What we can offer is to have your commission separated into separated invoices and split parts if you're ordering more than one service at a time (We note packaged bundles or discounts can not be separated). This option may prolong the commission process but is popular with some clients who prefer to secure their commission spot and get their graphics started.

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