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Terms & Conditions

​If you are interested in engaging our services please ensure to agree to our terms of service before applying to work together.

Terms are subject to change as a result of new experience, information and changes in process requirements at any time.


  • Your commission will be created according to our design team's interpretation strictly based off the references you provide to us prior to the work starting. If you require or envision a specific outcome, please ensure any references and instructions for our team are thoroughly prepared in advance.

  • If you provide limited references or fill out the form briefly, anything non-specified will be designed to our discretion and creative freedom.

  • We download a copy of your references to work off prior to beginning the work. A change in the direction of the commission or your references after invoice will incur extra fees.

  • Please note that we have specific art and design styles which are always evolving and the final discretion is up to our design team's interpretation of your references and the brief.

  • We may use assets we commercially own when creating parts of your work.

  • All work is completed by experienced artists/designers who are contracted to and a part of our studio. We try our best to optimise for the best quality but we can not assure that mistakes will not arise by individual creators as we are all human. We will always try our best to rectify the situation and all contractors are obligated to indemnify the studio for potential issues that may arise with any commissions they have undertaken. 

Complex works

  • We reserve the right to deny complex works.

  • Works that are too complex may be charged an additional fee. This would have to be discussed with us further.


  • All payments are in USD and made via our Website Checkout System (Stripe) or PayPal (+5% Handling Fee).

  • Payment is required upfront to secure a spot for your commission.

  • All invoices must be paid within 48 hours or your commission will be cancelled. Contact us if you need further time.

  • Refunds and cancellations are not possible once we have collected payment as processes would have begun for your work.

  • Any persons who charge back a payment without attempting to resolve the situation or once we have already begun or completed the work will be blacklisted and banned.​


  • All static assets will come as .PNG files and all animated assets will come as .WEBM files.

  • Our output window is anywhere between 2 weeks - 2 months from payment for the commission to be completed.

  • Depending on what is commissioned and the price you have paid, there will be a set amount of revisions or updates available.

  • Revisions for previous stages can not occur once that stage has been confirmed.

  • Updates are usually provided prior to heading on to animation.

  • We require confirmation of approval within 3 days of the updates/revisions.

  • If we do not hear back within 3 days, we will continue the work and deliver the outcome to you.

  • All timelines depend on the client keeping to review timelines and any failure to meet this period will result in corresponding delays to delivery.​

  • We do not guarantee deadlines. Feel free to let us know if there is a deadline and we can discuss the details.

  • We reserve the right to cancel, refund or decline any commissions at any stage for any reason.

  • Rush orders are available and will fast track the order to the front of the queue.

  • After orders are approved for final delivery, it may take us up to 48 hours to provide the approved assets.

  • Please download your project files and save a copy somewhere safe within one (1) month of delivery.

  • All commissions may be erased from our servers one (1) month after delivery.

licence & copyright

  • Please only supply art that you own and have permission to be modified and used as part of our graphics.

  • Upon submitting any artwork for edit or use with your graphics, you are providing a licence for UwU Media to publish any of the art as part of the graphics we have created for you.

  • UwU Media owns all copyright to the designs we have created and we are allowed to publish any designs made for our training, quality assurance, social media, website, marketing or portfolio usage.

  • You are not allowed to resell or claim any work done by us as your own.

  • All credit for work done should be linked back to UwU Media.

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