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custom vtuber desk

A bespoke desk design specially crafted for you and your lore.


how does it work?

Custom desks are commonly used in Just Chatting Streams where the Vtuber's character goes behind the desk to create an illusion that they are actually streaming from behind their computer and webcam. Our team can design and digitally paint a custom desk for you to use for your content creation needs.


The Design Inspiration

We primarily try to gain inspiration from your Vtuber character or lore to design your bespoke vtuber table. Some helpful inspirations you can provide are:

  • Your lore, a text description, moodboard or inspirational images

  • An image of your character or reference sheet

What's Included?

  • Each desk comes with 3 items (a keyboard, mouse and simple misc. object)

  • If you'd like other items or have particular requests, please note them when commissioning us as complex assets will be charged extra.

  • You'll receive 3 complimentary revisions which can be used during the sketch phase or after the colouring phase has been completed.

  • Animation can be requested for an extra fee.

  • Static assets are delivered as .PNG files

  • Animated assets are delivered as .WEBM files for stream usage for OBS.


types of vtuber
desks & tables

Standard Desk

A Standard Desk is usually full-length and covers the entire bottom section of the screen. Usually they are 1920 px wide and take up about 1/4 of the stream space. Standard Desks are great for bringing attention to the items on the table or adding extra assets on top as there usually is a lot of room! Clients commonly order a separate mic or chair asset to go together!



Many clients opt to add in more complex items onto their desk such as a custom mascot or pet onto their desks. This counts as a separate asset commission.



Choose to opt for animation on your desk assets!

A custom mic can also be added on as a separate asset to your desk!


Background + Chatbox

You can commission a painted background and a chatbox to use as overlays together with your painted desk asset!

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