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How it Works

Are you interested in working with our team?

If you'd like to commission our services, do get in touch with us to discuss your needs, pricing of the project and how we can help you out. You can do this via joining our discord server, or sending us a message via our website contact form.

  1. Once you're certain you'd like to work together with us, please fill out the waitlist form below.

  2. Make sure you've also filled out the Client Profile Form with your latest information.

  3. Please create a file with your visual references and any examples of what you may want to commission. Compile any art you want us to use into a shared google drive and paste the link into the file.

  4. When it's your turn on the list, we'll reach out with the order forms via a contact method provided in the Client Profile Form. Please make sure you can receive DM's or messages.

  5. The wait can be anywhere from 1~3 months but we are trying our best to get to everyone as fast as possible!

  6. We usually reach out in batches. Within the next month or so, you will be contacted when we are ready to send you the order forms. Note that commissions are generally first come, first serve but this is not always the case.

  7. If you're looking for a rush order and skipping the waitlist, do contact us separately. Rush orders will be given priority and skip the current queue. There are only a couple of these available each month so please contact us for more details if you are interested.


  • Please only fill out this form if you are taking up a spot in the waitlist.

  • We do not take any payment or deposits for signing up on our list.

  • Payments are only made after order forms have been filled out and we've sent out an invoice.

  • This waitlist form is for independent vtubers. For any corporate inquiries, please contact us directly via our forms, DMs, or email us to discuss our corporate rates and services.

  • Prices and Terms are subject to change. Check our website for the current Terms of Service.

  • If the form below is buggy, please feel free to click here for the direct link to the waitlist form.

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