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What are Overlays?

Overlays are the main backdrops

Vtubers use on their streaming software.

Overlays: Tiers

Our overlays can be commissioned as an overlay package or separately as individual overlays.

Overlay packages come with 1 Gameplay and 1 Chatting Overlay.

There are 3 tiers for our overlays.

Tier 1

Minimalist overlays with simple elements and a clean theme.

rainhoe-overlay-gp-v1.1-d copy.png

Tier 2

Overlays that are more detailed or with several custom elements.

Haruka_Interior Wall.png

Looking for a painted overlay?

Are you looking for a painted background?

We also create painted overlays for our clients where the parts or all of the overlays are formed as part of a painted background commission. Most commonly, our clients pair a background and desk asset together.

Shoto (Shxtou)


A custom painted background was paired together with a painted desk asset and a T1 chatbox and Custom Css Chat Design

Haruka Karibu


A custom painted Kotatsu asset was paired together with a painted background commission.

Mysta Rias (Nijisanji EN)


A painted desk + background was paired together with a T1 chatbox design.


Gameplay Overlay
with Custom Goal Widget


Light/Dark Mode
Overlay design


Animated Overlay design
w/ Stickers & Shield

how to use?

Overlays are the main layouts vtubers use while streaming on their choice of software.

There are two types of overlay styles most vtubers use:


Just chatting

An overlay where they can have a close up shot of their vtuber model and a large chat box to communicate with viewers.


Mostly to stream gameplay and anything else they want to share with their viewers

(game/browser/media source/etc)

Please note we do not provide 'background illustrations' as part of our Just Chatting Overlay commissions. You can request a separate background illustration commission for us to use in your overlay.


We coined these terms to help the streaming community choose the type of overlay they would benefit from best!


Fullscreen Overlays are the more common, basic overlays vtubers use. Fullscreen overlays are recommended for those who prefer an easy to use, simple backend on their stream software.

  • Delivered as 1 file/image with all areas pre-defined

  • Easy to stream: 1 easy layer to use on stream

  • Usually has a chatbox, recent panels, background


Modular Overlays are more common for streamers who have their game full screen in the background and want all the parts to be separated.

  • Parts of the overlay are separated into different sections

  • Easy to move the chatbox and recent boxes around to your liking

  • Gives you control over where your sections should be

  • May have minor glitches depending on stream software

  • Many layers, may need to organise into folders

  • Recommended for games that take up the whole screen

  • For modular overlays, we can not guarantee every part will be separated as it is dependant on each design


The chatbox, socials and hashtag box comes separated to the background image.


Just Chatting Overlay for Ren Zotto of Nijisanji EN

Overlay EXTRAs

Individual Fullscreen Overlays

Enquire for pricing.

Add-on: MODULAR​


Add-on: CHAT BOX CSS DESIGN [No Coding]


3 Revisions Included.

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