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We provide design services for widgets that come alive via coding.

These services are limited and only available if you've secured a coder in advance.

Animation is not included in the design but can be implemented by your coder.

UWU MEDIA does not provide any coding services at this time.

We only provide a design to be used as a guideline for a coder to implement to their expertise.

Health Bar Widget


A HP bar widget commisioned for a special Boss Fight stream where Nyanners VS Chat (Nyanners Halloween Model Debut Stream `22)

Spending Bar Widget

For Vshojo & Ironmouse


A widget commissioned for the bar to go up with more spending/subs. The chibi changes expressions dependent on the status.

Goal Widget Bar


A goal bar widget commissioned for Amalee's 2.0 stream package.

We also worked on 2.0 the Stream Layouts, Panel Design, Schedule, & Scene Graphics.


Css Chat Widget

For Shoto's Spring Debut

We were commissioned to create a background + chatbox and css widget design for Shoto's Spring Debut oufit.

Custom Chat CSS

For Merryweather/Merrydawg

We worked on a Merryweather's stream graphic design and was commissioned to come up with the custom css chat designs to fit alongside the overlays, backgrounds, logo and other graphics which were made by our studio.

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